The Dining Divas bring superb singing, acting and comedy right to the heart of your event. 

It might be at a restaurant, dining club, event space, or in your own dining room…. The waiter prepares to receive his guests in the private room of a Paris restaurant ( thats where your dining room/venue comes in !). A couple of illicit lovers arrive and take a secluded table , followed by another couple equally bent on a secret amorous escapade… they are the wife and husband of the FIRST couple…Oh dear…….A fantastical and hilarious farce unfolds over the course of 30 the minutes. Watch and listen with delight as the two wives discover not only that they are SISTERS …..but that the waiter is actually their FATHER!!!!! 

We can guarantee that your guests may have seen opera singers perform a number or two at a function , but they wont have been part of a complete and interactive(we might need a little help with our props from a guest or two…) 6 handed opera ! At 30 minutes, and sung in English , this comic opera by Jacques Offenbach will fit seamlessly between courses, giving your guests a little room to breathe before their desert-we can even be mystery guests and surprise them……This option can also be paired up with a set of popular opera arias,duets and more whilst your guests sit back, relax and take their coffee. The PERFCT end to your perfect event.

Please note, the Dining Divas options involves a cast of 6 and is priced accordingly.
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